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Top Places to Visit during Family Holidays In Sri Lanka

Holidays in Sri Lanka is an outstanding experience with island nation rich with thousands years of culture, natural resources, unique animals and many more things. Due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, it offers a scenic view of nature and a close view of the marine life. People planning for family holidays, should never drop any chance of holidaying in this island nation. This post will shed light on things that you should do during your Sri Lanka family holidays.

Places To Visit During Holidays In Sri Lanka

Visit the ancient site Sigiriya

Sigiriya is the unmissable destination for the tourists who want to enjoy a family holiday in Sri Lanka. According to historians, this ancient city was once the capital of Sinhalese kingdom and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ancient city is the home to the most popular Sigiriya Rock Fortress which is a marvel of engineering and architecture. The fortress is located on the top of a 660-foot rock and climbing to the top of the rock is not everyone’s cup of tea. Once the climbing is done to the top of the rock, one can witness the ancient fortress and the stunning panoramic view of its surroundings.

Yala National Park

If you love wild animals and want to watch them at their natural habitat then Yala Nation Park is the best destination. Visitors often spot leopards in this national park and it is very ordinary spectacle. It is quite easy to watch some of the untamed and ferocious animals in the Yala National Park. This national park is locate in the South-East part of Sri Lanka. Apart from nature and wildlife, visitors can also get the ruins of earlier civilizations. Its close proximity to India Ocean also offers stunning natural view to the visitors.

Historic City Galle

The historic city of Galle is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Sri Lanka that is worth a visit. The city is known for its well-preserved Dutch colonial architecture and its stunning fortifications. Families can take a leisurely walk along the ramparts, explore the winding streets and alleys of the old town, and visit the Galle Fort Lighthouse.

Sea Turtle Hatcher

If you love marine life then Sri Lanka is the best place to go for. It offers shelters a good count of endangered species across the globe and one of the most exciting species amongst them is the sea turtle. The hatcheries along with Sri Lanka’s western coast witness a good number of sea turtles. They swim on their way to Indian Ocean. They mainly reach at the hatcheries during their hatching period. You can easily witness the best scenes of marine turtles that are laying their eggs. It will be one of the most interesting and memorable moment of your life.

Manawari Temple

Manawari Temple is located in Puttalam and it is Hindu pilgrims site that recieves thousands of visitors from India and neighboring countries. Since, the history of this temple is connected to Lord Rama, people never skip to visit this pious temple during their visit to Sri Lanka. It is believed that, Lord Rama himself established the Lingam and this is why, Hindus feel it privilege to pray here.

Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park is popular for the mighty elephants. You will  surround with the herds of elephants once you reach this national park. This park provides stunning jungle backdrop and it will completely mesmerize the visitors. The jaw-dropping scene of lush and dense trees will keep your hassle away from life for some time. If you love nature, then this place is completely unmissable. It will be easy for the visitors to watch the wild animals like elephants at their natural habitat.

Thirukoneswaram Temple

The Thirukoneswaram temple is one of the famous and sacred places to visit in Sri Lanka along with your family. This temple is located high above the bay and attracts visitors not only for the religious point of view but for awe-inspiring surroundings as well. Due to its piousness, it is called as Kailasa of the South. This temple is famous for celebrating Navaratri and Shivratri festivals. There are hundred thousands of devotees come here to participate in these festivals and seek blessings from the God.

Beira Lake

Beira Lake is one of the most renowned landmarks in Sri Lanka. This lake is not only a simple water body but offer a stunning look to the visitors. One can witness the lush green and dense trees around the lake and getting fed by it.

The reflection of the high rise buildings stands crystal clear on the horizon to give the lake a dimension. Each of these scenes are visual feast and offer the masterpiece of Colombo. You can enjoy your time with the family members in this lake.

Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave temple or popularly known as Golden Rock temple is also another UNESCO world heritage site that you shouldn’t miss during Sri Lanka holidays. This place is related to Buddhism and you can witness some of the ancient painting that reflects the majestic manifectation of the first sermon of Buddha.

Chundikulam National Park  

Located in the northern territory of Sri Lanka, Chundikulam national park is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. This is a lagoon surrounded by mangrove swamps and seagrass. Since, it is in dry zone of the country, the park is the home of various flora. This national park is the home of a variety of wild animals like sloth bears, leopards, deer, crocodiles and various birds. If you love nature and wildlife then this is the best place to visit.

Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls is one of the significant falls in Sri Lanka. According to mythology, Ravana was hiding under this falls. The ancient relationship and the stunning landscape of this place attract maximum visitors throughout the year.

Sri Lanka is small but it is full with several outstanding natural features that one can mesmerize a visitor. If you are planning for a family holiday and searching for the best destination within budget then Sri Lanka is the best place to opt for. A tour to this country will be a life time memory.

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