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What Are The Specialty Of Kedarkantha Trek To Visit?

A place whose beauty is not just confine to its 20 km of beauty, but is also carry by a multitude of people. The magnificence of the place knows no bounds and thus is one of the most famous and favorite places of the country. The Views and the experience that the place offers are utterly serene and fill you with awe. The Mountains here are as high as Sky, like your protectors, with the white-gold-like snow at your feet and the aroma of the freshest air for you to breathe, Immensely Heavenly.

Kedarkantha Geographical information

The place has a lot to offer you, Situated in the Western Garhwal district of the Uttarkashi, it is at a stunning height of 12,500 ft. and 20 km long. The Kedarkantha trek is fill with adventures, fun, and beauty. The trek can not be misunderstand for an easy one, but a moderately difficult one. Beginners and professionals both can enjoy every step they take here, but with being physically and mentally fit and sound. Endurance, Strength, Stamina are prerequisite for this trek, because of its high altitude.

The trek begins at the Sankari village and takes you through Juda ka Taal, Kedarkantha Base camp, Kedarkantha summit, Hargaon, and back to Sankari.

Best time to visit the place is from November to April as there is an abundance of snow-fall, which enhances the beauty of the place, while at the same time taking care  not to be a problem.

The Beginners may face a lot of struggle to reach the top, as the trek is tiresome and asks for great efforts. But the views on the top, will make all the hard-work worth it.

Kedarkantha Natural Beauty

The place is so heavenly cover with snow, it seems as if it is falling straight from heaven. It offers you a walk with mountains all along the trek and gives such a bewitching view of them, which will make you forget all the efforts you give in to climb it. The place is fill with various species of flora and fauna.

Kedarkantha Trek Specialty

Along the trek, comes a  place known as Juda ka Talab, where the creator of the cosmos, of life. The very meaning of the Universe, Lord Shiva himself meditated. It is believe that he opened a lock of his hair and the lake was form by the water dripping from it, how majestic! The tranquility of the mirror-clean and charming Lake will reside in your eyes and memory forever.

Sunsets leave no mark to please you more by being utterly pleasing and glamourous.  The colors from pink to orange will be throw in the sky. While surrounded by all-white mountains, even imagining such a scene, would take one into a different world.

Waking up early on trips might sound boring, but not when you are about to see an irresistible sunrise. Coming out of the mountain ranges of Yamunotri and Gangotri and Kinner Kailash.  Adding to its beauty, one can also see the famous Har ki Dun valley, from here. The scenes of our childhood drawing books will be live in their most stunning way.

The Flora and Fauna adds up to the beauty of the place and will be see through the dense. And opaque forests that come along the way. The forests are not disturb and are preserve here, away from the cemented cities and their exploiters.


Leave the tension of the polluted cities and their buildings, and enter into the real peace that resides in Kedarkantha Villages. Far from all the hustle and bustle, these quaint and charming villages are no less than any fairytale. One such beautiful village is the Gaichwan Gaon, which one should definitely go through, while on the trek.


Give yourself that desperately required time for introspection and relaxation. It’s time to live life for once, away from all the responsibilities and expectations. Not just for captions, but here you actually put your soul on fleek.

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