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Visit Kheerganga – A Beautiful Destination In the Parvati Valley

Kheerganga trek is located in the middle of the stunning Parvati Valley in the Kuru region of Himachal Pradesh. The Parvati Valley is considered a paradise for travelers. Kheerganga is Kasol’s more conventional journey, 14 kilometers uphill from headquarters. If you are a novice adventurer, this is where you should start.

In any case, for the star, the journey is a pleasant encounter, full of interesting trails and enchanting views of the valley. Tosh and Kasol of Parvati Valley are widely praised for their bizarre multi-ethnic party culture. There are a large number of traveling flower girls and Israeli pilgrims in the area.

Fast facts about Kheerganga

  • Region: Parvati Valley, Kuru District, Himachal Pradesh
  • Height: about 3000 meters
  • Driving time: 5 to 6 hours
  • Problem level: easy-moderate

How to reach Bhuntar:

You can reach Bhuntar on the Delhi-Manali highway. You can get to Bhuntar from Delhi by private air-conditioned transportation or Volvo. In any case, all these vehicles will leave after 6pm and land in Bhuntar at the beginning of the day. You can also choose the HRTC transportation from Kashmir Gate. On the other hand, you can hire a private taxi from Delhi to reach Bhuntar.

Bhuntar to Barshaini:

Bhuntar is an unpretentious community, from where you can take a shuttle bus to Barshaini. You can also take a taxi to Barshaini after Kasol and Manikaran. This is where the Parvati Canal and Tosh Canal meet. After snorkeling, you can stroll to Tosh for the night.

Barshaini has two main travel routes: Rudra Nag and Nakhtan. This is a two-day itinerary (including travel time and travel time), not suitable for one day.

Activities near Kheerganga

Travel: Once you are adventurous on your journey, taking a break at Nathan Village is an unquestionable request. This refueling break is at the correct distance, so it is absolutely necessary to refuel. In addition to the taverns in this small town, there are some good food choices.

Washing Spring: Enjoy the wonderful spring water; this water is drinkable because it is pure magic. Understand the strength of freshwater during the test.

Outdoor: If there is no chance to stay during the tent, the Kheerganga trekking experience is not suitable. When you get to the top, there are many options for camping.

Watching night fall: Sunset has always been a beautiful sight, but the sunset seen from Kheerganga trek is basically breathtaking. As the day approaches, the sky changes hue and builds up a kaleidoscope of bright lights like orange, red, and purple, giving you a dazzling perspective. In this way, these evenings should be carefully considered and left to marvel at their value.

Sulfur Spring Baptism: Sulfur Spring Baptism: The spring water is filled with boiling water, which is an ideal neutralizer for cool weather and travel drowsiness. Spring water is known for its healing properties, making it an absolute must. In any case, it is your view of the snow-capped mountains while washing up that makes this experience an indisputable attempt.

Appreciate the beauty of nature: the greatest resource for a trip to Harganga is the normality of the scene. Make sure you blend in effectively with this spectacular setting rather than blaming the climbing trip for drowsiness.

Basic attractions in and around Kheerganga

1. Sulfur Fountain

Kheerganga Hot Sulfur Fountain

Kheerganga One of the must-see attractions is the Sulfur Hot Water Fountain. As we all know, this spring water has therapeutic properties for treating skin diseases.

2. Manikaran Gurdwara

Manikaran Gurdwara

Visit Manikaran Gurdwara. This gurudwara is only about 6 kilometers from the castle and is carefully located between the huge slope and the free-flowing Beas River.

3 Shiva Parvati Temple

The shrine of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is the most important feature of the area and is famous for its name.

4 Tosh

Tosh is located 5 kilometers from Barshaini and is a rechargeable resting place for all hikers exploring the Kasol and Parvati valleys. Tosh is known for his EDM parties and burgeoning unconventional culture. However if you visit in January or February, you can take a look at the Jamdagni Rishi reserve. Tosh’s Pink Floyd Cafe is famous for its psychedelic feel.

5 Kasol Israelis in Kasol

 Kasol is located 22 kilometers from Kheerganga and is known for its stunning scenery and some small hikes and rock climbing openings. You can visit the famous town of Marana or relax at Jim Morrison’s CafĂ©. Also, look at the flawless expanse of Parvati River and Kasor and Shiva Temple.

Where to stay

Road from Kheerganga to Tosh

You will not find accommodation here, but you can rent some medium shared/private (chalet style) houses and rooms in Kheerganga without prior reservation. Travelers can stay in the retreat according to the peak supervised by the priest and Sadhu. Here, you can rent public convenience facilities of Rs. 150 per night (calculate dinner!).

Tosh, Barshaini and Kalga offer a good variety of homestays, starting at Rs. 200 rupees. 500 every night. If you want more convenience, you can stay at Pink Floyd, The Hill Top Cafe, Blue Diamond Cafe, or Snow View Cafe.

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