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Visit Adventurous Chadar Trek Ethereal Unique Experience

Chadar Trek is a very fascinating journey for adrenaline lovers who like adventurous. In recent years, trekking in Ladakh has become more and more popular, and Chadar trek ethereal has become a favorite of Indians and travelers from other parts of the world. For me, the first time I participated in Chadar Trek was 8 years ago. Later, the number of people in this small canyon is now 20 times that of the year. The opening of the small windows takes only 45 to 50 days, usually from January 1 to February 20, depending on the formation of the chadarice carpet.

In addition, the government and Altoa shared that (all Ladakh tour operator associations) have now set standards of safe operation in Chadar trek ethereal. This trip will be done safely because you have strictly adhered to the rules and regulations. So, train your scenery below to experience the Chadar Trek overland experience. Find complete details on temperature, accommodation, travel, food, and some important tips for using travel skills.

Day 1:  Arrow and rest

From the airport, we took a taxi to our own hotel (because the airport pick-up service is not part of the package) and we arrived at approximately 08.30 am. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were immediately required to complete the registration process including the insurance form, provide 3 passport-sized photos and a copy of the identity and address proof (voter card, passport or aadhar card), and sign a compensation form.

A cup of tea and breakfast were delivered. Some of us wanted to rest because of a headache, so we went to our respective rooms. We all get up for lunch at 2:00 in the afternoon. We ordered delicious vegetarian food from the hotel, but we had to pay extra because the set meal we chose did not include food in Leh. My partner and two other people experienced severe headaches and nausea and decided not to eat.

At night, due to severe hypoxia and symptoms of AMS, we had to send him to the hospital. The hospital is very comfortable, clean and well organized. The doctor asked for 2 hours and administered oxygen and prescribed various medications. His health improved significantly after oxygen was administered, and then we used to run on.

Day 02: To adapt to the environment.

After waking up in the morning, we were all healthy and there were no signs of AMS. A delicious breakfast was published, a long and complete briefing, because it contained important points, such as.

Then they took us to Shanti Tower for a soil and water conservation walk. Take some pictures there, then go back to Pasar Leh for lunch and other shopping. Some of us even had to take photos because they didn’t bring them, some would buy chocolates, while others would buy a pair of rubber boots. So we decided to have dinner at the hotel and have a good sleep.

Day 3: Chadar trek ethereal

After breakfast this morning, we started walking to Tic (Tourist Information Center) in Leh. We arrived at Tic in about 1000 hours. First, we must show the boarding pass to the insurance company (ASC 360) and the 100% accurate and complete insurance form filled out on the day. After verifying and entering all our data on their computer, they gave us a medical form, which we had to fill out and authenticated by the doctor and medical team in the adjacent room. Used for physical examination.

They will check your blood pressure level and oxygen first, and then after you see the doctor, they will ask you some questions about your past medical history casually. You will get an “approved” stamp on the form. Now, using this form, you can return to the insurance office where they issued the insurance card and pay RS. 2000/person. Including your emergency medical examination, emergency evacuation, etc. Now that you have an insurance card and list everyone in your group, you can go to the Altoa table, where they will give you the following permission after paying their respective fees.

We need to do everything from there almost every day, even if we are the first to ask for permission. After getting the permit, we went to the market and had a great dinner with a local named Darjeeling Cape. After buying some nuts, dried fruits and chocolates for the next day’s trip, we took a taxi to the guest house. Upon arrival, there is a complete briefing explaining how and what to pack for tomorrow’s trip. You can also read our blog, which introduces the Chadar Trek package.

Day 04: Tso Ma Poldar can be reached by car and track.

We are ready at 7,700 and have breakfast at 07:30. The car was ready when we left, it was the peak tourist season. When the vehicle was filled with all the necessary rations and equipment, we were all packed. After several meetings and taking pictures, we left Leh at around 09:20. Drive until the cold is fast, steady, and beautifu places. After that, the journey became challenging, dangerous, scary, but amazing. The

The Chadar trek ethereal road is long enough for the rhythm traveler to drive on the road with tires, with a part of the body-facing Awai. Adrenaline Rush is under construction, just look at the road below and the frozen white Zanskar River. Around noon, we arrived at tilad do. We enjoyed a delicious hot lunch and hot black tea prepared by the chef. So, it’s time to pack up and fight for the first camp. This is a technical tour of about 3 hours, and we arrived at the camp at 4.30 pm.

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