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5 Most Iconic Rolex Watches Made Famous By Celebrities

Whether you take great interest in watches or know little about them, one thing is universally understood and acknowledged: Rolex is the undisputed King of the luxury watch world. Be it historically, culturally, scientifically, hypothetically or literally. It’s impossible that any brand steals the nickname ‘The Crown’ from Rolex.

From A-list stars to athletes, scientists to pilots and political figures, people from every walk of life are Rolex admirers. Each Rolex has a story to tell, and many men choose Rolex to match their social status and wear them as success symbols. We are talking about the celebrities who wore particular Rolex watches, making them more famous than they already are.

Here, we’ll find out about the Rolex watches that legendary individuals wore to enhance the stardom of the pieces.

5 best Rolex watches made famous by the icons

1. Rolex Cellini by Barack Obama

A truly one-of-a-kind watch worn by a one-of-a-kind President! During his Presidential years, Barack Obama kept it humble yet significant with his pick of watches. He deliberately abstained from wearing the popular Daytona or Submariner and instead chose the Rolex Cellini Ref: 50509 for most of his public appearances. The Cellini is a collection of elegant and sophisticated timepieces that pays tribute to the Italian artist Benvenuto Cellini. The classic dress watch is the perfect Rolex for someone as refined as Obama.

The Ref: 50509 is an 18ct white gold timepiece with a minimalistic dial and white gold double bezel. The double bezel characteristic is unique to Cellini and is both domed and fluted. The watch gives you all the feeling of a Rolex without screaming ROLEX!

2. Rolex Datejust by Rihanna, David Beckham & Winston Churchill

It’s actually challenging to list down the names of all the star-studded owners of the Rolex Datejust. The watch has graced the wrists of David Beckham, Winston Churchill, Rihanna, Martin Luther King Jr. and many other A-listed celebrities. The Datejust appeared in 1945 to commemorate Rolex’s 40th anniversary and proudly holds the title of the brand’s best-selling piece of all time. It comes in numerous combinations of colours and metals, and it seems there’s something for everyone.

Rihanna has been frequently spotted wearing her Datejust in steel and yellow gold on a jubilee bracelet. She owns anything she wears, and the two-toned Rolex is a staple in her wardrobe. The 31mm watch flaunts a fluted bezel and a dial adorned with diamond indices.

3. Rolex Day-Date by Tom Cruise

From the screen to the Red Carpet, Tom Cruise has an attractive range of impressive watches in his collection. Apart from owning a Day-Date, the legendary actor also possesses an Air-King and Daytona. In his 1988 film Rain Man, he wore an 18ct yellow gold Rolex President Day-Date with a champagne dial. The watch gained a lot of attention and praise then, especially for a scene from the movie where Tom’s character tries to pawn the timepiece.

This Day-Date was most likely the Ref: 18238 with a 36mm 18ct yellow gold case, a yellow gold fluted bezel and a gold dial. It sits on an 18ct yellow gold President bracelet. Today, many consider this Rolex for investment purposes.

4. Rolex Daytona by Paul Newman

It’s perhaps impossible to link any other name with the famous Daytona. Rolex released the Cosmograph Daytona in 1963 to meet the needs of professional racing drivers. Film star, ace race car enthusiast, and director Paul Newman deserves all the credit for the kind of reputation the Rolex Daytona enjoys to date. He always had the Daytona attached to his wrist. This celebrity connection made the Rolex Daytona go from zero to hero.

Moreover, the story has it that the Daytona Newman wore on his wrist was gifted by his wife and featured an exotic white dial with 3 black sub-dials. It was engraved ‘Drive Slowly’ on the back. Today, the Paul Newman Daytona is one of the most expensive and sought-after Rolex watches to buy. In the secondary market, the watch is so in-demand that you can rest assured of selling your Rolex at a hefty price.

5. Rolex Yacht-Master by Nick Jonas

One of the trio from ‘The Jonas Brothers’, Nick Jonas, has a fairly interesting watch collection that the artist keeps flaunting time and again on several occasions. The Yacht-Master, as the name suggests, is a more upscale Rolex variant perfect for those who prefer to enjoy a nice time on the wooden decks. The Yacht-Master is fancy and is available in all precious metals like platinum and yellow gold. But the variant Nick Jonas wore at Madison Square Garden during a playoff game was definitely a game-changer.

The prominent singer showcased a limited edition Rolex Yacht-Master ‘Popeye’ designed in collaboration between Darren Romanelli and Bamford Watch Department. The exclusive watch has a 40mm military-grade titanium case and bracelet, highlighted by a striking grey dial flaunting the beloved cartoon character ‘Popeye’. It is a masterpiece that stands out from the regular, and to see it on Nick’s wrist surely adds to all the hype.


Rolex has always been synonymous with luxury and success, and its association with celebrities has only amplified their iconic status. Whether it is the Day-Date or the Daytona, the timepieces have an impeccable mark on both the horology culture and the legendary individuals who wear them, and the trend shall only continue in the years to come.

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