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How Yoga Wheel Poses Reduce Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is something common in current time. Acute ones are lasting four to 12 weeks, and chronic back pain affects around 20% of people that suffer from acute back pain. How effective is yoga wheel exercises in this?

A yoga routine can be the best solution for back pain as yoga made simpler lives, strengthening both mental and physical health. The constant lower back pain can cause serious diseases such as Kidneys failure and Appendix problems etc.

In response to it, yoga wheel exercises consider as best to help ease the pain and keep it under control. There are multiple yoga wheel benefits that exist for people to cure back pain or even to protect themselves from such pain.

What do you understand by the Yoga wheelset?

The yoga wheel can be understand as a prop used by people for practicing different types of asanas. It could support reducing the problem of back pain. There are different yoga wheelsets available for you in the market as Yoga kit 2021 launched. Which includes different wheel sizes and can be use as per the written instruction over it.

How to select the best yoga wheel for beginners

The best wheel selection is always dependent upon the size which you pick at the store. The ideal wheel would be around 12-13 inches high with approx 5 inches wide. It is the best wheel for back pain as it can assist you with deeper poses, backbends and assist both beginners to advanced practice.

5 Ways to use the yoga wheel

  • Wheel-Assisted Child’s Pose

It is the perfect one for the backstretch, as when you use a yoga wheel during the pose, then you start reaching your arms forward on top of the wheel’s surface.

  • Reclining Easy Pose

This pose is also known as a mindful wheel.

  • Wheel-Assisted Fish Pose

  • Wheel-Assisted Upward-Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose

This pose is consider an advance level yoga where whole body pressure is on the wheel. That’s why the proper balance or pose requires performing an upward-facing two-foot-staff pose.

  • Yoga wheel cow pose

This is also an advanced level wheel pose where balance or body awareness is important. As this pose requires using both hands to balance the body. It also helps you improve concentration level or even allows your back muscle to stretch, which reduces pain.

The practicing of the wheel for beginners would help you to learn about balancing your body through the backbend. This allows you to never face back pain in the future if you have already started practicing the wheel at an early age.

When you start doing it properly with the guidance of experienced yoga professionals, then it will help you to learn how to use the wheel for practicing poses. It is true that doing poses is easy without a wheel. But for effective results, a yoga wheel exercises set is important for making deep yoga poses. Wheel has proven to solve many back problems through practice back bending, or child pose on the wheel. Therefore the positive results have majorly occurred with the yoga wheel poses. This is the major reason why the wheel is recommended to beginners.


The practicing of pose via wheel proves to be a great relief for your back pain. It also supports you to avoid prescribed medications, and you can find the release by adopting a yoga lifestyle. It is necessary for you to take up instruction from professionals for using the wheel. Otherwise, it may suffer from back pain as each asana require proper alignment, which can be learn with proper guidance. If you choose to do a holistic route to do yoga with the use of the wheel.

Then it is better to do research about the good or bad poses for your back pain. It’s because not every pose is mean for your back healing. So it would be better to become knowledgeable about achieving your body’s desired results. Having solid knowledge about yoga poses is also essential for doing a form of postures. And improving strength to control the back pain.

This means that it will help you with back pain relaxation on a day-to-day basis. Many times, it completely cures back pain. That’s the reason wheel poses are the recommended form of exercise for beginners to advanced ones for reducing or controlling their back pain. However it helps people to become the best version of themselves.

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