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Candidate Relationship Management Software For Organization

Candidate relationship management software promotes brands, help candidates to interact with recruiters and organization, and proactively engage passive prospects.

Obtaining and retaining the right candidates have always been a struggle for organizations, and with changing workplace trends, it has become harder for organizations to attract and recruit candidates. World-class hiring technologies are getting employ, and innovative strategies are put to work to build a rich talent pipeline and prevent candidates from dropping out in the middle of the hiring. Candidate relationship management software is becoming popular among organizations to get quality hires and retain candidates building stronger connections.

What is candidate relationship management software?

Best candidate relationship management software or CRM helps develop a closer and stronger connection with your potential hiring prospects. It can redefine your relationship with candidates. A good candidate relationship management software starts working when you first establish contact with a candidate and keep tracking them through the entire hiring process. It will help monitor the candidate’s state and status in the hiring process. The candidate communication and history of actions that candidates performed can be display through the candidate relationship management software.

Candidate relationship management solutions include marketing tools to develop rich talent pipelines, nurture potential prospects, social marketing recruitment, and attract passive job seekers. These tools can build talent pools by tracking candidates, prioritizing hiring pipelines, and engaging job prospects through recruitment marketing campaigns. The best candidate relationship management software includes a variety of features and functionalities. Generally, these solutions offer capabilities like building and implanting career sites, landing pages, content libraries, recruitment chatbots, and virtual events for a successful hiring campaign.

In short, candidate relationship management software is a software solution for storing, managing, and utilizing candidate information in your talent network. It includes automated candidate messaging facilities. These solutions also offer automated job postings on career sites, internal applications, and third-party websites. In addition, these solutions offer a ready database of candidate contact and profiles for future recruitment and an excellent tool to mobilize passive candidates through social marketing tools. Often, an efficient candidate relationship management software informs candidates of possible opportunities.

What the best candidate relationship management software can do for your organization?

Recruiting CRM can strengthen your position as an employer and distinguish your employer brand for your candidates. It works with your hiring team to foster better connections with talents. To fill positions faster with automated email marketing and other recruitment marketing methods. It arranges to recruit events and build referral portals for employees. An efficient CRM allows the hiring team to source candidates from varied communities.

Candidate relationship management software is developed to help both external and internal candidates. It can engage them with relevant updates on jobs, application status, and more. Recruiting CRM can be integrated with native employee referral programs, career development, and internal job posting systems to get a comprehensive recruitment service from the solution. Moreover, CRM can be integrated with workforce management tools, employee management solutions, or hiring tools. A good candidate relationship management software enables your hiring team to become proactive and helps you stay ahead of the hiring need. As a result, a rich talent pool ensures a constant flow of quality candidates is available to recruiters.

Key benefits of a Recruiting CRM

  • A candidate relationship management system executes continuous communication through different channels, like emails, SMS, etc.
  • It builds a robust talent pool and attracts passive candidates
  • It offers candidates to perform activities themselves with a self-service portal
  • The solution provides updates on application status and informs candidates of other activities periodically
  • It securely manages the candidate and all recruiting data with complete compliance
  • The software automates most of the recruiting tasks and improves the efficiency of the hiring team
  • Reporting and analytics offer recruitment insights for understanding the present hiring situation and planning for the future
  • It streamlines end-to-end candidate relationship management and hiring to offer the best candidate experience to job seekers.

How to build a rich and robust talent network with candidate management software?

Building a talent pool is an essential function of a recruiting CRM and can benefit the organization in many ways. But before building an effective talent pool, consider following a plan to realize its potential fully. Here are the three actionable steps to build a robust talent pipeline:

Assess your talent needs

Before building a talent pipeline, carefully assess the talent needs and consider the relevant aspects that can impact your hiring and talent acquisition process. Therefore, some basic questions need to be answered before you begin to develop a talent pool:

  • What are crucial positions and skills that are frequently required in your organization?
  • What is the talent makeup of your organization?
  • How diverse are the recruiting sources, and are they providing quality hires?
  • Do you consider non-traditional hires like remote or contingent jobseekers or vocationally skilled candidates?

The candidate relationship management software will house candidates and arrange the talent pool according to the desired criteria, for example, candidate skills, experience level, product knowledge, and more. The organization’s hiring needs should decide these criteria. Therefore, to be relevant, the talent pipeline and CRM must change with the changing hiring needs of the organization. So, first, assess where your workforce is now and what you need to achieve the future goal of your organization. Then focus on building a talent pipeline with the proper criteria and strategies to help obtain the right candidates to fill positions in the future.

Organize your talent pipelines

Once you have assessed and understood the talent requirements and assumed the future hiring need, you will be able to set the criteria and segment the talent pipeline. A well-defined and segmented talent pool ensures that the company always has qualified and suitable candidates available for open positions. Additionally, for faster hiring, the solution can group candidates based on similar qualities and criteria so that recruiters can find and utilize them quickly. Also, it is crucial to keep the communication channels open and maintain contact with these candidates to get quick responses. Generally, candidates are grouped based on the following criteria:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Location
  • Skills
  • Interest in a role or department

Now that the talent pipeline in candidate relationship management software is appropriately segmented and organized, you can begin building relationships and engaging talents with relevant content.

Engaging candidates

Recruiting CRM is an excellent way to engage candidates. Sending automated, personalized, and branded communication through diverse channels to specific talent segments will make them more like to respond to a job. Also, you can simplify the application process by integrating text messaging capabilities where candidates can apply for a job by simply sending a text.

Here is an example of recruitment marketing content that an organization can send to engage candidates:

Employment newsletters

Candidates will actively consider your organization if open positions are shared proactively, and it will also show the timeliness and relevance of your communication.

Automatic alerts for new positions

Often candidates may hope to join a specific position, so let them set an alert for that position to see and apply for it on time.

Employee stories

Share employee stories with employee pictures and videos. In addition, share news of the employee accomplishments and feature top performers.

Sharing company news and events

Sharing the news of the company and events will keep your candidates invested in your story.

Professional development programs

The professional development program will attract candidates interested in building specific skills or abilities.

Information on new products, expansion, growth, or social or civic activities

Reinforce your brand by showing news of active participation in social events and new product development, growth, and expansion plans.

Wrap Up

Whether a small-scale enterprise, a startup, or a global company, a candidate management system can help any business obtain quality candidates and timely fill out positions in their company. 66% of candidates believe direct contact with employers gives them real insights about the company. Moreover, candidates are two times more likely to accept cold emails from recruiters if they have interacted with the brand before. Also, 75% of professionals are passive candidates. These numbers clearly show that candidate relationship is critical in talent acquisition and recruitment. Best candidate relationship management software promotes brands, help candidates to interact with recruiters and organization, and proactively engage passive prospects.

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