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4 Cases Of Online Marketing Company Success: A Brief Analysis

Discussed below are 4 instances of brands in Australia using unique marketing strategies to successfully grow your business to the next level.

Case Analysis 1: Calvin Klein’s strategy to increase revenue by 140+% in Australia using Digital Marketing Agency

Calvin Klein has made its name as a top lifestyle brand around the globe. Recently they decided to grow as a company in Australia. And they turned to online marketing in order to achieve this feat. The brand set forth to hire an expert digital marketing company who as a team would come up with the perfect SEO strategy. The online marketing company had a plan in mind to beat its competitors in the fashion market. Firstly, they wanted to be less dependent on Google Ads. The company team ran a thorough evaluation and found a number of issues on their official website.

These technical faults were the reason for the unsatisfactory performance of their website. Search results were low and major keywords were missing. Their competitors had an extra obvious edge when it came to online marketing company. Initiatives taken in response to these findings would go on to increase traffic to their website. They made important changes to their content in order to make the website more user-friendly. These small changes significantly increased traffic to the site, thus proving to be a success. They leveled up from ranking top 3 for 552 keywords to 2200 keywords. By coordinating with its various departments, Calvin Klein made several improvements to its website and overall online marketing plan. And therefore were able to grow their brand exponentially across Australia. 

Case Analysis 2: Strategies used by Gymshark to increase sales by over 200% on a yearly basis using a Digital Marketing Company

Gymshark is an up-and-coming sportswear brand that has had massive growth in popularity in the past few years. The company was founded by Ben Francis in 2012. This UK-based brand made its name among sports and gym communities across the world, by virtue of its product quality. Apart from product quality, Gymshark has an excellent digital marketing agency Perth to help them with effective marketing. Gymshark put major efforts into building an online presence and creating brand awareness on social media platforms. One of the unique ideas that this company came up with was to allow for user-generated content. They sponsored social media influencers not only to promote their brand but also to create content for them. They also came up with a concept called ‘Black Friday Sales’ which helped them improve their sales numbers.

These sales are held online twice a year, which is so large that customers actually have to wait for a long time before they can buy products. Gymshark is not just a online marketing company but also a community that interacts both online and offline. Influencer marketing has till date been Gymshark’s biggest profit strategy. There are many influencers and content creators on online platforms like YouTube and TikTok, who currently promote products and create content for Gymshark. Besides user-generated content, they also make their own content such as posts, videos, playlists, blogs, etc. Gymshark is one of the few companies that strive to create both quality products and quality content for their community. They are achieving more and more every year. 

Case Analysis 3: Archie Rose’s digital campaign to increase revenue and return on investment using an expert Marketing Company

Archie Rose is an Australian- based distillery launched in 2014. In a few years’ time, the online marketing company has made a presence online with its well-operated online store. They also have a custom distillery experience for customers. To take the brand to new heights, they planned on hiring an online marketing agency who could help them with their presence online. The strategy was to build brand awareness on the internet with an initiative that tackled everything including SEO, PPC,Facebook, and Instagram Ads, etc. Thorough research revealed which keywords were important.

And by using these keywords, the brand was able to move up in search rankings. They also coordinated PPC strategies with Social Media Ads, which led to an increase in the number of customers willing to buy their products. And it worked quite successfully. Archie Rose saw a 230% growth from online revenue and 200% in ad revenue. In summary, Archie Rose made the most out of the eCommerce trade. Besides bringing in new customers, they also did a great job of improving the customer experience. With brilliant planning for their SEO and social media ad campaigns, they were able to stand out from their competitors and outperform them. 

Case Analysis 4: A brief on how Edible Beauty’s organic revenue skyrocketed to 368% using company’s own marketing department

Edible Beauty is a wellness brand based in Australia. It was founded by Anna Mitsios. It was initially an online shop with a few products and even fewer employees. The story behind their success is not too complex. They put together a team of online marketing experts who could devise a plan to improve sales numbers online. Seeked no external help from marketing companies but built one of their own. They targeted SEO in order to increase their online marketing company awareness online, creating SEO-friendly URLs, improving content for better user experience, and campaigning to bring in new customers. The online marketing teams picked out the most important keywords to be used. SEO planning is strictly aimed at increasing brand awareness online through the use of relevant keywords.

This plan successfully brought in new customers to the company webpage. Moreover, they also put a major focus on building public relations online and creating permalinks related to beauty product searches. This helped drive more traffic to their website. A unique strategy employed by Edible Beauty was to add a ‘Bestsellers’ section to their page to keep in touch with customers’ demands.

As for the social media campaign, Facebook Ads were optimized in a cost-efficient manner. This was also a success as it turned viewers into new customers. Overall, the company made investments very carefully, which allowed them to make the most of the limited resources they had. As of today, their online traffic is up by 104% and organic sales are up to 368%. There has also been a whopping 417% return on ad investments. Edible Beauty is the prime example of a company selling high-quality products along with an excellent marketing strategy. 

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