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How To Select The Best Bike Rack That Suit Your Car?

How nice it is to take a bike on your next outdoor excursion, you can’t store it in the trunk; otherwise, you will have little or no space to carry your most important items. You’ll need to use a bike rack with the scratches and chipping paint on your car. This is all you need to consider when buying a bicycle stretcher so that you can buy it right the first time.

Bike rack for SUV

Choosing the right bike rack for suv car starts with determining the type of bike rack. Apparently, there are already a lot of reviews and opinions about bike racks on the internet. For example, you can check out the best bike reviews on BikesHaven, a bike blog dedicated to riders who want to take their biking to the next level.

Plus, we give you more information about each type of bicycle stretcher on the market to help you decide which model is right for you.

Traction carriers

With high quality features such as lightweight construction, built-in sluice gates and repair clamps, lifting clamps are the most versatile bike carriers on the market today.

You will love the secure grip of these baby carriers. In other words, they have a secure locking mechanism that attaches the grille to the vehicles and the bike to the grille, making equipment theft very difficult.

As reliable as bike racks are, they tend to be the most expensive. First, their design is more advanced than some other types. Second, they require that you have a problem with your car that can increase your bill.


• They are easy to install and make it easy to read and access

• the joysticks are suitable for regular bicycle transport.

• They provide a decent degree of security for your bike.

• Treat fuel with respect, as they are always behind a vehicle.


• You should buy a tow bar or separate tow bar if your car does not already have one.

• They generally cost

Driving reservation can be complicated and sometimes dangerous

• Basic models make it difficult to boot

ceiling accessories

As the name suggests, a roof rack, which can be a fork or a vertical bracket, attaches to the top of your car, giving you maximum flexibility to load your bike and keep the trunk free from other major issues.

Some racks are designed to block both wheels, while others require you to remove the front wheel before loading them. Whichever model you choose, it includes locks that secure your bikes. Models that require the front wheel to be removed often make loading the bike easier, while models that hold both wheels are a lot of work. They are generally expensive and unfortunately less stable, but at least that means you don’t have to remove and reinstall the wheels every time.

Roof racks are good because they are versatile. You can use them to carry more than just a bicycle on a road trip. And you don’t even have to remove them after use, unless absolutely necessary.


• A safe, stable and versatile bicycle holder that makes it easy to transport

• Does not prevent access to doors or the luggage compartment

• A very safe bike carrier for your next road trip


• Wind provides extra airflow, so you use less fuel

• Difficult to read a bicycle

Cassette Mountains

These bike racks for suv are designed to be attached to the back of a car with straps on the edge of your car. They are a good option if you have a tight budget as they are often the cheapest option.

Luggage bike racks are not the safest, but they can easily fit in almost any vehicle (see the manufacturer’s manual for more information). Trunk can take a bit of tuning to install, so you may need someone’s help or take the time to assemble the entire system properly.

However, they can mercifully damage your car’s paintwork and even leave scratches if you are not careful during installation. Relaxation of dirt / gravel areas where the plots are made before the grill is attached can result in wear reduction. Most of them also do not have a locking mechanism to protect your bike, so a thief can easily take your bike with you.


Bibs are cheap, so they are very suitable for you if you have a tight budget

• They are portable and practical for occasional use

• Provides easy reading and easy access to bicycles

• Due to their small size, the luggage racks fold up easily for storage


• Not safe so your bike flies easily

• It is not best to carry a bicycle over long distances

• It can damage the paint on your car, as the bike normally vibrates

Mountains of trucks

This is the only good and wise choice if you want to put your bike up on a truck. Not only is a minibus light and easy to use, it is also ready to use.

They have hooks and straps for attaching the grill to the hatches. Depending on the load capacity, trucks can carry one, two or three bicycles depending on the design. But they do not offer that stability in the way. In this way, the bikes are very vulnerable when riding.


• They are economical, suitable for budget-conscious drivers and cyclists

• One template can be used for several vehicles

• Think carefully if you need a bicycle rack for occasional use

• Easy reading and access to bicycles

• Depending on the model, rides can carry up to three bikes


• Not suitable for regular use

• Roof bar prevents access to car equipment

• Bicycles tend to travel on uneven ground

Other important factors before buying a bike rack for suv

Now that you know the different types of bike racks on the market and their pros and cons, it is time to consider a few other factors when finding a scout to transport your bike to your destination.

1. Number of bikes you want to transport

This is very important because you do not want to place the bike on a stand that cannot withstand “pressure”. Wondering how many bikes I should take with me? 1? 2? 3? Maybe even more?

Each bike carrier, regardless of model, has a different number of slides and each is designed to carry one bike at a time. So when you know how many bikes you want to transport, think of a roof rack that suits your job.

As important as the number of bicycles it can carry is the maximum weight of the roof rack. You do not want to omit this factor when determining the number of bikes you want to ride.

I don’t know how many pounds the rack can really carry. If the stand supports only one wheel, pay attention to the weight recommended by the manufacturer. If you are transporting more than one bike, manufacturers often state the weight per bike.

2. The type of car you are driving

Many car owners are still trying to figure out which carrier is best for their car and eliminate the wrong carrier. Keep in mind that the model of your car greatly influences your choice.

Manufacturers provide vehicle assembly instructions that can help you find the right bracket for your car model.

You should also check the equipment of your car. What is its size if it is equipped with a cross member of the pick-up or a cross member of the trailer? These are usually available in sizes 1.25 “or 2”.

3. Your budget

The costs are considerable. Make your budget according to your space and need.

4. Security

If you’re a security fan and enjoy cycling, you may be wondering if bike racks have anti-theft locks. Some yes, some no. They have locking systems that prevent theft from thieves, so you can be sure that your item is always safe.

The effectiveness of the safety feature depends on how the stand was installed. So you don’t stand a chance. If you need to follow the entire wizard to repair the installation, do so. Ask if you are limited in time.

Unfortunately, roof racks do not have a locking mechanism.

5. Fuel consumption

If it’s important to you how much fuel you spend on bike rack for suv. you should consider choosing a best bike rack for suv. Roof racks can typically increase fuel costs by up to 30%, mainly because they affect vehicle aerodynamics. Roof racks, on the other hand, consume little fuel because they lack air.

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